Drawing Easy Art Design: Cups, Clothing, Shoes, Sea Creatures, Flowers, Cartoon Animals, and Buildings

How to Make an Art Design Drawing Easy

Whether you’re trying to sketch your favourite anime character or simply the trees in your back garden, shapes and outlines will give you the basic building blocks you need for your drawing. From there, you can move on to more complex designs that have a more recognizable form.

This cool little tent and tree drawn with easy lines is both simple and fun. And a great way to practise your shading skills!

1. Cup or Mug

Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful gift idea for your loved ones or simply want to express yourself, there are many ways to decorate a cup. The most popular method is to use gold extra fine point paint markers. These markers are oven-safe and offer a wide color range.

The words ’cup’ and ’mug’ might sound similar, but they are not interchangeable. It is important to understand the differences between these two words, so that you can apply them properly.

To begin, you’ll need a plain ceramic mug, self-adhesive tape, a lead pencil, your favorite quote pre-printed on paper, and an Artistro colorful marker set.

2. Clothing

Clothing is a good subject for art design drawings because it can be a fun challenge to illustrate. Clothes can be structured or sloppy, and it’s important to know how to draw folds, wrinkles, pleats, and other creases. Rendering fabric with different types of lines also helps convey texture and display patterns or prints.

Using templates, or croquis, can help make the process easier. You can find a variety of templates online, and some even include mannequins in various shapes and sizes. You can also use a photo of someone wearing the clothing you want to draw.

3. Shoes

Shoes can be fun to draw and often offer a great deal of creativity with color. They are also a good way to practice concepts like one and two-point perspective, where lines in the drawing head towards a point in the distance.

The key to drawing shoes is staying true to real life details. To make this easier, sketch a shoe last to set up proportions.

This sketch will serve as a guide for the final drawing. For example, if you want to draw a shoe with laces, use the shoe last to pencil in a center line and then mark where the laces overlap.

4. Sea Creatures

Ocean creatures stir kids’ imagination and make an ideal choice for art projects. They’re a perfect way to keep kids busy for hours without challenging their advanced drawing skills.

Kids can draw a sea creature with watercolors and crayons to create a beautiful piece of artwork worthy of the mighty ocean. Get the tutorial for this cool project on Buggy and Buddy.

Embark on an artistic journey and learn how to capture the mystery of the deep blue sea with this captivating book by award-winning artist Jonathan Newey. He will guide you through transforming simple shapes into mesmerizing aquatic creatures including graceful dolphins, vibrant clownfish, fascinating crabs, ethereal jellyfish, majestic whales, powerful sharks and enchanting turtles.

5. Flowers

Whether they are realistic or stylized, flowers are a timeless subject matter for artists. From tulips and roses to daisies and foxgloves, they can be found in many of the world’s most famous works of art.

While drawing simple flowers may seem easier than other subjects, it can actually be a more challenging task that requires greater focus and attention to detail. This can make them a great exercise for new artists, as it allows them to practice their skills and grow as an artist.

Once the sketch is refined, it’s time to begin shading. Take your time with this step and pay special attention to the petal shapes. Observe how each one creases and overlaps with other petals, and make note of any inner texture lines.

6. Cartoon Animals

Cartoon animals are often used for characters because they allow for a lot of creativity with a character design. They are also easy to draw, especially with the use of geometric shapes such as triangles and squares.

Even a more complicated animal like this cartoon crab can be drawn fairly easily by starting with a few simple shapes and exaggerating them. The cute hedgehog is a little more challenging but it can be drawn with ease as well by using smooth lines and adding the spikes.

Explore these and other fun cartoon drawings to help you learn more about how to create your own characters. It is important to practice and try different approaches until you find what works for you!

7. Buildings

Whether they’re designing a new car or drawing the city skyline, students can learn to draw all sorts of buildings with these easy tutorials. Students can start by sketching a row of three stacked cubes with vertical/horizontal lines crisscrossing the faces to make windows and an entrance.

To add texture and dimension to their drawings, students can experiment with different shading techniques. Cross hatching, stippling or scumbling can all add a rustic look to any picture. Trying to incorporate negative space is another way students can change up their drawings.

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