Parallel Development and Influence: The Intersection of Art Design and Video Art

Art Design Video

Art Design video is a new field that develops in parallel with other art movements like conceptual art and experimental film. While at first glance they appear to be very different, there are many ways in which these two forms can influence each other.

For example, much early video art experimented formally with the limitations of the medium. Peter Campus’ Double Vision used images from multiple TV screens to create an abstract composition.


A composition is the arrangement of elements in a picture. Composition is a key part of art, whether it be in painting, drawing or filmmaking. It involves using the Rule of Thirds and following the Golden Ratio to create a balance and harmony. A good composition makes for an impressive artwork.

Before the advent of consumer video equipment, many artists experimented formally with the limitations of moving images. Wipe Cycle, for example, consists of nine television screens that combine live video images of gallery visitors with footage from commercial TV and pre-recorded tapes.

Sigalit Landau is another artist who works in sculpture and video. Like Sadr Hadhihian, her work reflects upon social aspects and focuses on deconstructing formalist systems of filmmaking. She uses the Dead Sea and water as a symbolic motif in her videos. She also explores the notion of mediation in her work.


Animated art effects are great for creating stylized videos. They can transform your footage into paper backgrounds, pencil strokes and even paint splatters, just to name a few examples. They also work great with text and graphics with transparent backgrounds.

Some artists are experimenting with visual effects without using any original footage. Olwen Shone’s Waiting Rooms, for example, uses monitors in hospital waiting rooms to display landscape and nature scenes such as slow moving clouds or ripples in water.

FlexClip provides various art templates that are perfect for promoting your art gallery, painting classes, or sand art. With FlexClip, you can create an artistic slideshow or a video that will get your monogram noticed by more people. It is also possible to add dynamic or still text presets that will catch attention and increase traffic for your website. These options will make your art design video stand out from the competition.


Video art is a term used to describe the use of the moving image as a medium for artistic expression. The art of using the video medium differs from the more commonly known forms of art based on painting, sculpture or drawing and has a broad range of applications and techniques.

The video art movement is often associated with concurrent movements in conceptual and performance art, particularly those of American artists like Vito Acconci, Valie Export, Joan Jonas, Roman Signer and Bill Viola. During the early stages of video art, many of these artists experimented formally with the limitations and constraints of the new technology. Examples of these works include Peter Campus’ Double Vision which mixed the signals from two Sony Portapaks and Frank Gillette’s Wipe Cycle in which multiple images are simultaneously displayed on different monitors.

As the technology improved, a new generation of artists began to use video as a medium for expression. As a result, contemporary art exhibitions increasingly integrated artist videos among other works. During this period, the availability of light and portable digital recording equipment allowed a new generation of artists to record their work without the need for complex camera and editing hardware. This allowed artists like Pipilotti Rist, Francis Alys and Johan Grimonprez to film their work using simple hand-held devices and a minimal amount of post-production.

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