Salary Variation and Factors Affecting Graphic Designer Earnings in Pakistan

How Much Graphic Designer Earn in Pakistan

Graphic Designer salaries varies according to the level of education. People with a certificate or diploma earn less than those with a bachelor’s degree. However, they can still make a good living.

Graphic Designers also earn bonuses based on their performance. These can range from 2% to 6% of their salary.


Graphic designers can find work in a variety of industries, including advertising agencies, design studios, print and digital media organizations, and e-commerce companies. They can also seek freelance work opportunities with local and international clients. Freelancing allows graphic designers to diversify their portfolios, build a network, and earn significant income.

Graphic designer salaries vary greatly based on experience, education, and location. However, it’s important to understand how these figures compare to other professions in your area. This will help you determine whether you’re being paid fairly for your skills and expertise.

A graphic designer with less than two years of experience makes PKR 26,500 per month. This is 34% more than a professional with 2 to 5 years of experience. A graphic designer with a bachelor’s degree can expect to make PKR 72,600 per month. This is 31% more than a professional with a certificate or diploma. In addition, gender-based salary differences can also impact the amount of money a graphic designer makes.


Graphic designers in Pakistan can find work in a variety of industries, including advertising, marketing, and publishing. They can also do freelance work or start their own business. Graphic design is a growing field that offers many opportunities for career growth.

The salary of a graphic designer depends on their level of experience. Those with less than two years of experience earn PKR 26,500 per month, while those with 2 to 5 years of experience make PKR 35,400 per month. Those with more than five to 10 years of experience make PKR 52,300 per month, which is 48% more than those with less than two years of experience.

Graphic designers can expect to see a pay increase of around 10% every 19 months. This is consistent with the national average for annual pay raises in all professions. However, salary increases will depend on individual performance and contribution to the company. In most cases, a graphic designer will get more money in Lahore than other cities.


A graphic designer salary in Pakistan varies depending on experience, education, and gender. It can range from 23,300 PKR to 80,600 PKR. These figures are based on the results of an online salary survey and do not represent legally mandated minimum wages.

Graphic designers with a high school education can earn around PKR 28,000 per month. Those with a bachelor’s degree can earn PKR 55,000 per month. A grad with a master’s degree can earn up to PKR 82,000 per month.

There are also many freelance opportunities for graphic designers in Pakistan. These positions pay a lot more than salaried jobs and are often considered prestigious. They can even lead to a lucrative career as a full-time freelancer. However, it is important to know that freelancing can be a very demanding and stressful job. This is why some people prefer to work in a company or agency as their career option.

Job description

Graphic designers use their creativity and visual skills to create images that promote products and services. They often work for marketing agencies or publishing houses, but they can also freelance. In some cases, they may need to work overtime to meet deadlines.

The median salary for a graphic designer in Pakistan is 48,500 PKR. This means that half of all professionals earn less than this amount, and the other half earn more. The salary distribution chart below shows how this varies by level of experience, gender, and education.

Graphic designers with more than five years of experience earn PKR 76,300 per month. This is 48% more than those with two to five years of experience. However, this salary does not take into account bonuses or other compensation. Moreover, the pay for graphic designers varies by location and company size. So, it is best to consult with an expert to find out the exact salary you can expect.

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